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Mold Engineering

  • Analysis of the part design, in the scope of the durability and the simplification of the mold.
  • Use of CREO software.


  • Part analysis:
    • Thickness ratios.
    • Demoulding degrees.
    • Check mold release angles for textured parts.

  • There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. Colin Powel

Equipment and Technology

Machines Park
Conventional Milling Machines 1 Maximum Working Capacity:
3 Axis Milling Centers 7 1600x800x710
5 Axis Milling Centers 1 Overhead Crane - 10 Ton
Erosions 4 Overhead Crane - 5 Ton
Grinders 2 Overhead Cranes - 2 Ton
Boring Mills 1
Lathes 1
IT Equipment
Various CAD / CAM stations
CAD Program: CREO
Accepted file formats: .iges, .exp, .step, .catpart, .model, .prt, .dxf, others

Human Resources

Jetmol recognizes that Human Resources is its main resource and that continued success depends on the involvement, commitment and professionalism of all who work here. It is made up of a group of highly specialized employees, with a know-how qualified and adapted to the needs that the market demands. The bet is to keep employees motivated and in constant learning.


  • Development and production of molds according to clients' specifications, attended to their needs, preferences and expectations.
  • Constant struggle for efficiency and profitability of the production process.
  • Encouragement teamwork and cooperation among employees.
  • Constant training and learning in Human Resources.
  • Involvement and promotion of the participation of all employees in the mission and vision of the company, in order to align the individual interests with the interests of the organization.
  • Constant monitoring of internal processes looking for continuous improvement.


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About Us

Established in 1999, Jetmol is an innovative company specialized in the development and manufacture of plastic injection molds. The predominant manufacturing sector is the automotive industry, exporting 90% of its products to countries such as Spain, France, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom and United States. Jetmol guarantees high quality products to its customers through the use of the most sophisticated technologies in the field of engineering and mold production. In order to expand its business, Jetmol is completing the construction of a 1300 m2 pavilion in the Parque de Negócios de Escariz, Arouca, with the capacity to produce molds of approximately 10 tons.

Our mission is to develop and produce molds for injected plastic and injection molding of superior quality, with shorter deadlines, ensuring the sustainability of the business and solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

Jetmol does not abdicate values such as competence, transparency, humility and rigor of all those involved in the Mission and Vision of the company. It recognizes and values relationships with customers, suppliers and partners, believing that good relationships are the result of constant monitoring and availability.

To be recognized as a reference company in the mold industry, for the solutions presented and for the competence of its team, creating value and recognition for all stakeholders.


All our employees

Jetmol counts on the collaboration of a young and dynamic team, 100% committed to the path that the company intends to draw.

A big thank you

All of our employees, customers and providers

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